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About Us

What do we do?

From commercial projects to residential ones, Concretum Operis, Inc. does it all. Led by commitment and continuous improvement, each phase aims at providing the best construction quality.


CEO of Concretum, Operis, Inc. Roberto González has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. From the age of 17, Roberto took his first shovel and began digging his future in this industry. From laborer to superintendent, he understands the ins and outs of construction projects  from start to finish. Quality and efficiency led him start this company with hopes of his legacy being well known throughout the bay area.

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Why Choosing Us!

Reasons Why People Choose Us!

Experienced Workers

Teamwork is our greatest strength.

We are reliable and innovative

We use materials and tools; solving problems with innovation.

Our priority is customer service.

We work carefully around client's needs, solving problems and maintaining professionalism throughout the project.

24/7 Customer Support

We clean up projects debris daily and fully upon completion of the scope

Our Services

We Provide Best Construction Services

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Excavation Service conceived to be done in any terrain with qualified operators and state of art machinery. from tiny remote machines to heavy machines, this service covers trenches, ditches, footing, dirt flattening, dirt removing, swimming pools, drainage and others.

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Drilling service is conceived according to the measures of the clients' demands in width and depth and done with expertise on this field.

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Portable Drilling

The portable drilling service offered by CONCRETUM OPERIS is based on advanced technology that allows rapid and precise drilling of a variety of materials, including concrete and stone. Our highly trained team uses state-of-the-art portable equipment to tackle construction projects of any scale, offering versatility, efficiency and exceptional results.

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At CONCRETUM OPERIS, we are dedicated to providing specialized demolition services at the Bay Area. With more than 5 years of experience our highly competent team and specialized machinery, allows us to tackle demolition projects with efficiency and professionalism. From controlled demolition to waste management, we offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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Our Sidewalk service offers an innovative and durable solution for paving sidewalks, paths and outdoor areas. Using cutting-edge techniques and high-quality materials, we transform your outdoor spaces into safe, functional and aesthetically attractive environments. Trust CONCRETUM OPERIS to take your projects to the next level with our commitment to excellence and efficiency.

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Concrete Foundation offers clients services in sidewalks, slabs, pavers, retaining walls, shear walls, piers, benches, footing, swimming pools among others.

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Concrete Pumping

At CONCRETUM OPERIS, we take Concrete Pumping to a higher level. Our advanced concrete transfer technique with specialized pumps guarantees precise and efficient distribution of the material, overcoming obstacles and reaching hard-to-reach areas. Whether for robust foundations, structural walls or complex pavements, our commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in every project. Trust us to transform your ideas into concrete realities!

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Here at COCRETUM OPERIS we specialize in shotcrete. We have all; the equipment, the concrete pump, the hoses and the experience to build anything with shotcrete.

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Concrete Finish

The great thing about concrete is that it is incredibly versatile. We use it to build driveways, walls, pools, sidewalks, footing, slab and house foundations. Since it is so versatile, this naturally leads our company to gradually offer more services. We can help homeowners and other contractors with all types of new construction projects.

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Shoring service is for simple and complex construction structures, metal and wooden props are used according to the complexity of the work. Shoring assures the graded execution of the labor to be done.

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Impermeabilization: the best materials are used and granted, impermeabilization is done in walls, drainage systems, piping systems, roofs, slabs and footing.

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Retrofits Service goes from reshaping concrete and metal structures to modernize them. This service is done according to the client's demands and needs of experts for its achievement. Our company has the best crew for this purpose.

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Transportation of construction materials, machines, tools and garbage using cargo trucks / 10 yd bobtail & 20 yd bobtail per load.

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