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Concretum Operis, a leader in waterproofing services, is proud to offer high quality solutions to protect building structures against the damaging effects of moisture. Waterproofing is a crucial process that involves applying specialized products to prevent water leaking and avoid damage to structural elements. Our experts at Concretum Operis have extensive experience in the application of advanced waterproofing techniques, ensuring the durability and resistance of buildings in the face of adverse conditions.

In the construction industry, waterproofing plays an essential role in protecting both residential and commercial buildings. From walls to foundations, our services cover a variety of applications, including leak prevention on decks, basements, pools and more. With Concretum Operis, we guarantee efficient and personalized solutions that provide lasting protection, contributing to the success and longevity of any construction project.

We understand that each construction project is unique, and we shape our waterproofing solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's waterproofing large infrastructure or small renovations, our team of highly trained professionals strives to deliver exceptional results. We are proud to offer not only quality services, but also expert advice to ensure you choose the most appropriate products and techniques. With Concretum Operis, your project is in the hands of specialists committed to excellence in waterproofing, ensuring the long-term protection and success of each work.

  • What are common signs of waterproofing problems in a structure?
  • How long does the waterproofing process take and when will I be able to see the results?
  • What types of structures can benefit from waterproofing?
  • What waterproofing products or methods do you use?
  • What is the cost associated with waterproofing service?

We are Concretum Operis, the leading concrete contractors at Richmond, California.

CONCRETUM OPERIS, Richmond Concrete Contractor Can Do It All

We are your contractor who is very easy to work with. Here at CONCRETUM OPERIS we understand that it will be a very large investment and that it can be a little bit intimidating. Working with contractors always is. We want to make things nice and easy for you. We pride ourselves on being friendly, never talking over the top, and always listening to what you want.

We will guide you through everything. We will give you a timeline for the completion of the project. We will sit down with you and give you a clear, direct, no-obligation bid. We'll show you all the different options available and share our honest feedback with you.

We do all this while always remembering that it is your vision that we take into account when improving your property. We do everything we can to make that vision a reality.



Why hiring our construction company here at Richmond?

CONCRETUM OPERIS is a fully equipped and staffed concrete construction company here in the Bay Area, ready to build any concrete structure in addition to providing other services such as waterproofing. We have been building new concrete construction projects such as foundations, retaining walls, commercial slabs, swimming pools and shotcrete for over 5 years. Are you looking for a great, reliable concrete contractor to help you with your new concrete construction needs? Contact us today by phone (415) 729-6060 or email today to speak with our super friendly team and answer any questions you have.

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