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21 Loma Linda, San Anselmo

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Just as in life, planning each step is everything to be able to achieve the goals you want. We must analyze how we are going to carry out that plan, we must write it on a piece of paper, we must define a budget, and do the research to accomplish that goal; Otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve it. The same thing happens in construction!

This is our transformation project in Loma Linda. We dove into the challenge of reinventing the space at 21 Loma Linda, San Anselmo, guided by the vision of our client, Nick Ghirardelli. The project begins with the mobilization of essential machinery, followed by meticulous demolition and complete cleaning of the area. Staking out adjusts each measurement to the precision of the plan, marking strategic areas for drilling.

Innovation is desired by adapting the rotation of the drill arm to address the particular characteristics of the terrain, facilitating vertical drilling. The steel columns take their position, aligning precisely before the retaining wall is formed. The process involves cutting the columns to plan specifications, lining with wood between the beams, pouring soil and compacting.

The focus is on cladding the retaining walls, reinforcing and waterproofing them, while forming the top to specified dimensions. The preparation and placement of structural steel marks the next step, including embedded columns to strengthen the retaining wall. The foundation slab and the walls advance with the concreting, leaving protruding steel and a mesh to conclude the process.

The area between the two garages undergoes a transformation, with excavations for new retaining walls connecting both spaces. The laying of steel, casting and installation of drainage pipes are progressing in a coordinated manner. The wax and staircase on the back of the retaining wall add to the aesthetics and functionality of the project.

The second garage, subject of a similar metamorphosis, sees the position of new steel columns, precise drilling and fixing with the epoxy technique. The placement and leveling of the beams is carried out with precision, ensuring solid joints through electrowelding. Every step reflects our commitment to quality and the transformative vision of our client, Nick Ghirardelli.

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